As part of our Investors in Education status, we’ve been pleased to give another local student the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of life at Systematic HQ.  We’ve just had a pleasure of getting to know Abigail from Caistor Grammar School. Here’s Abi’s take on her week with our team:

Throughout my week here at Systematic I have experienced how the company is run and everyone’s role within it. I have learnt what it’s like to be part of an office environment, while also observing meetings and deliveries. I have come to understand more about Systematic as a company and what they do for their clients.

I began my week with Chris, he talked me through what Systematic do and asked me to draw my life as a sandwich, (a fun, creative task that the team have all done in the past). I saw the weekly Monday morning meeting where they whole team reflect on the past week and set goals for the coming week. Next Jill showed me how the client database works and how the information is inputted. I learned how the team source and order promotional products.

On Tuesday I was in the Creative Studio. I particularly enjoyed this, as graphic design is the reason I selected Systematic for my work experience placement. I was shown the software the team use, before getting the change to help design a brochure for a client. (This was my favorite day out of the whole visit).

During the rest of the week I went to meeting in Lincoln with Jo to discus potential business ideas, and I joined Bob as he made deliveries. I worked with others in the office and was asked to come up with some innovative marketing ideas too!

Thank you Systematic, I really enjoyed my week with you!