Antibacterial print coating

daniel cook

Author: Daniel Cook
7th July 2020

Antibacterial print coatings for germ free materials


In the midst of a global pandemic, you don’t need us to tell you that 80% of germs are transferred by touch alone!


But don’t fear, print can be safe in your hands with an invisible antibacterial print coating that destroys 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. This germ resistant coating lasts for the entire lifetime of the printed item and does not affect whether it can be recycled.


This print coating innovation is popular with the catering, cleaning, travel, education and pharmaceutical sectors, where the fight against infection is particularly important. The antibacterial coating also works well for printed material that is repeatedly handled, such as magazines, booklets and menus.


The coating is applied within litho print projects, suited to longer runs of printed items. We can include an ‘antibacterial print logo’ in your artwork to show your audience that you’re proactively fighting the spread of infections.


It adds value, without a great deal of cost! Get in touch if you’d like a quote for some antibacterial printed products.

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