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Author: Jacqui Vear
12th March 2020

Supporting the automated mailings that help you win business and do business


Short letters are a compelling way to deliver a personal communication; service reminders, confirmation of a visit, promotions, notice of changes in personnel or terms, debt management, the list goes on.


In processing these everyday letters, you and your office printer might be in overdrive and your inbox in overload, as you lose time stuffing letters into envelopes and racing to catch the post!


The cost of stamps and using your franking machine is heading in the wrong direction too! From 23rd March 2020, the cost of a first-class stamp increases from 70p to 76p and second class from 61p to 65p, with similar increases in franking and parcel rates too.


We’re now helping lots of our clients work in a smarter way.

Introducing Systematic Mail Management


In short, Systematic Mail Management is a direct mail platform. You select stationery from your uploaded artwork and generate letters in a familiar application such as Microsoft Word. Letters can be personalised as required before being uploaded. Files are then received by our specialist mailing team then processed, printed and mailed. Our approach complies with GDPR and ISO27001.


Beyond saving you time, you’ll see reduced postage costs because you’ll benefit from the economies of scale we access by sending high volumes of mail. The second-class delivery option is initially processed through Whistl, yet both first and second-class options will end-up in the hands of your familiar Royal Mail delivery team. The starting price is less than the cost of a second-class stamp.


As for the projects we can support, pretty much anything goes! There’s no minimum order quantity and we respond to very tight lead times for letters that are up to 10 pages long. (If you’re project is more involved, perhaps with separate inserts, there will still be a way that we can add value to your work).


Your results

  • Save time and enjoy the added value that comes from your team working on other projects, this service gives you a process improvement without investment!
  • Reduce spend on stationery, your IT consumables and repairs, and postage
  • Improve your brand integrity by standardising document templates, print quality and stationery.

Let’s discuss the pinch points in your mailing processes so we can confirm the specific benefits you could access.

Here’s how our support helped a client master their to-do list just yesterday:


11.13am – Our client calls seeking a lifeline for an important one-page letter, it must be printed on their headed paper and delivered the next day. Their team were running out of time to merge, print, stuff and frank the required 3,300 letters.


Within the hour – We sent our client a clearly presented quote, sharing a cost per letter. It included artwork, stationery, fulfilment and Royal Mail postage.


2.57pm – After exchanging two artwork proofs to get the letter looking just right, our client approves the project, leaving it safely in our hands.


By close of play that day – We printed, fulfilled and issued the letters first class, the mailing service selected by our client.


The next morning – Letters arrive with the contacts on our client’s database and they receive a sample for their records too. Job done!

“A very efficient service and so much quicker than doing it ourselves!”

Karen Thompson, Peacock & Binnington

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