How to keep online brand consistency

Author: Daniel Cook
23rd September 2020

online brand consistency

Growing brand recognition

Brand consistency is about communicating in a way that aligns to your brand identity, brand values and strategy. When you keep your brand consistent online your brand visuals and messages will reach your digital target audience in the intended way, strengthening your brand and boosting recognition.


This brief sounds quite easy doesn’t it? It gets more complex when you add in the dynamics of multiple online marketing platforms. It’s an overwhelming task, knowing which social media platforms to dedicate limited time or budgets to, especially if you don’t employ anyone to keep an eye on your brand consistency and post regular updates. The solution we recommend is to research your target audience and understand what platforms they’re most frequently engaging with, you can then focus on developing your presence on these sites.

brand consistency social media

Where do you need online brand consistency?


Website, blog posts and landing pages

A website is the number one digital marketing platform for most brands, so it’s vital that your brand is consistent throughout the web pages, blog posts and landing pages.


Animations, videos and GIFs

Whether you are using explainer videos to show off your products / services or just want to share snippets of information with a social GIF; implementing brand elements onto these with a series of video templates will help solidify a regular audience. If you need to add brand consistency to your online videos talk to us.


Social media

We recommend designing a series of templates for all of the social media platforms that you use to engage with your target audience. This way your brand stays consistent.


What elements of your social profiles should you keep consistent?

      • Linkedin – headers and company profile text, posts and imagery
      • Instagram – profile picture and text, posts and stories, highlights
      • Facebook – header, profile text, posts, stories, videos
      • Pinterest – pin templates, profile
      • Twitter – profile picture and text

Online advertising

Website banner ads, Google Ads and social media advertising should all reflect your brand. When your target audience are clicking through from paid advertisements you need to make sure that they are seeing a strong emotional connection with what they initially clicked, otherwise you could be missing out on sales and clients.


Email marketing design

Email titles, main text and imagery all need styling to your brand look and message. You need to capture attention and encourage your clients to click through to your website or e-commerce links. Eye catching brand designs, imagery and videos with a strong call to actions are important. To check that you’re making the most of this cost effective marketing solution, take a look at our blog on email marketing design.


Email footer design

Within internal and external emails your brand messaging should look eye catching and clean. Email footer design is an opportunity to reinforce an important brand message with your clients.

brand design elements

What design elements support online branding?


Brand colours

Make sure that you’re using the correct brand colour conversions for online use. These need to be RGB or HEX values. If you are using Pantone, CMYK or RAL values, your brand will look incorrect. If you need our help in creating colour consistency for your business get in touch.


Image size

With lots of different sized devices and qualities of cameras, image size needs to be considered. If there’s a large image size on your website it will slow your web pages down, to the detriment of user experience and bounce rates, as visitors leave your website.



Use a limited, consistent selection of fonts. Online fonts need to complement your printed marketing resources. A good rule of thumb is to use between one and three font families, anymore and your brand will look untidy.


Logo use

Many businesses use their logo as their icon or profile picture. Yet there is limited space for logos to stand out, so give this consideration and always ensure that your logo is consistent and sharp. Avoid a low-quality logo as your Facebook profile picture at all costs!


Improving your online brand consistency will build trust and loyalty with your clients. With brand consistent communications you’re repeatedly reminding your clients what sets your company apart from the competition.


If you need help to boost brand consistency across your online and digital platforms, or you want to rebrand your business to put brand guidelines and consistency in place for the future, then talk to us!

Don't forget about printed branding!


One last thing… don’t forget brand consistency with your printed marketing materials. Print has an important part to play in the marketing mix, its tactile and evokes emotional connections to your brand. Read more on this link and discover how we’re here to help you win business with creative print and design projects.


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