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Jacqui Vear

Author: Jacqui Vear
4th December 2020

branded snood

Our golden rule for printed promotional products is to make them practical


This wearable branded snood does so many things, its almost having an identity crisis. It’s a neck warmer, snood, bandana, headband, headnecker, band-it or impromptu face covering! Let’s call them snoods for now.


Here are 5 reasons why our clients who work in marketing are loving printed snoods: 


  • The entire surface area of branded snoods can be printed in full colour
  • The unit price is low, and the minimum order quantity is just 100 units
  • Printed snoods are unisex and can be a great workwear item for your team, or a welcome corporate gift for your contacts
  • They provide warmth in the winter and protection against summer sun
  • They’re light and compact, making them an ideal letterbox gift.

There are several different options, so you can tailor the branded snoods perfectly for your target audience;

  • Available in single or double layer
  • They can incorporate a reflective strip
  • A fleece (unbranded) material can be added to the bottom for extra warmth
  • There’s an eco-friendly option too, made of recycled PET

Whilst we’re busy processing orders for this must-have printed accessory, we’ll find the time to respond to your brief, brand and budget. If you’d like some ideas, prices or branded snood visuals please let us know!


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