The business benefits of animations

Author: Jacqui Vear
10th December 2019

The lowdown on our work with animations

Bring your communications to life using bespoke animations to make your messages move! They’re memorable, distinctive and quickly communicate lots of information. There are many different types of animation that your business could benefit from, here’s the lowdown on our offer:

Explainer animations

These are short animated videos that explain a businesses brand, service or product. Explainer animations can combine video footage, sound and graphics; they are often shared on websites and YouTube.

Social media animations

These short catchy animations and animated GIFs are uploaded to social media platforms and shared in email marketing campaigns. They’re part of the shift towards visual content on social media, because images are more likely to be remembered than words.   

Motion graphics

Motion graphics combine vector graphics, typography and icons. They add motion and personality to your brand when applied to logos, website content and corporate videos.

The animation process

Our work on animation projects begins with understanding your objectives including, who you want to connect with, what message you want your audience to be left with and how long the animation should be.


Working with your drafted text and brand style, our design team will create visual concepts. Once you’ve chosen a style, the idea will be developed into a draft storyboard. Once the storyboard is approved, production begins and we bring your animation to life!


Let us know the moving message that you’re looking to share! Here’s more information about our Creative Services.

How animations generate a return on investment…


  • Using an animation on your website will support your SEO rankings

  • They’ll keep visitors on your website for longer too

  • Shared on social platforms, they can connect you to the masses, particularly if you give them a boost through targeted advertising

  • Offline, they’ll help you avoid a ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation

  • When you’re exhibiting at events, they can start a conversation

  • They make any pitch personal, the art of engaging people is all about story telling

  • Animations can simplify the seemingly complex

  • They can epitomise your brand style and personality

  • They’re generally more timeless than video, and the longer you use them, the greater the ROI


Get in touch and let us know the moving message that you’re looking to share!

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