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Author: Jacqui Vear
20th December 2019

calendar design services

Have you reserved a space on your desk?


Here’s an insight into our calendar design services and how our creative design team created the #DestinationForDesign desk calendar. Along with some ideas that you can take into your own marketing campaigns.


Good calendar design makes an emotional connection – Once again, our Creative Studio team have showcased our calendar design services with this illustrated desk calendar. Each #DestinationForDesign illustration is unique and links a location with an event taking place that month. Our concept came from our team mantra for 2019, ‘work smarter not harder’, as time is our most precious commodity. Lots of us relish time to plan adventures, we hope you connect with the escapism, beauty and big picture perspective of our theme.


Introducing Ensocoat – The desk calendar printed stock is popular for postcards, with a gloss finish to the face and an uncoated reverse which is perfect to write on. It’s available in a range of weights, we used 300gsm. It’s FSC accredited too, which means the Forestry Stewardship Council have certified that it can be traced back to responsibly and ethically managed forests. We’ve not used any print finishes that would prevent the desk calendar from being recycled.


Make your design versatile – The 13 postcards within the desk calendar are printed on both sides, its space to utilise and only requires a little more time and ink. If you like to scribble notes on a calendar or you’re counting down weeks to your next holiday, the space and last month, next month details on the back give you that option.

A branded legacy beyond 2020 – Smart corporate gifts are all about practical, durable items. Our calendar design concept needed a stand and we’ve showcased a cost-effective promotional item that will hold most mobiles and tablets beyond the lifetime of the desk calendar. The product is available in 6 colours and can be printed in spot colours in up to 2 positions. (If the stand should ever come apart, it should snap back together. Another tip is to put the previous months at the back of your calendar as the year goes by, to keep your calendar upright).

Be brave, go bespoke – We started with a blank sheet of paper, because our unique calendar design specifications maximise the scope for on-brand results. Take that thinking into your own marketing projects, going bespoke doesn’t require as much investment as you might think and as for return on investment apparently the average person looks at their own calendar 12 times a day!


Think about first impressions – Our calendar envelopes needed to protect their contents, whilst having as small an environmental impact as possible. We were drawn to the Purely Packaging range, that is 100% recyclable, plastic free, with raw materials coming from sustainably managed forests. We can access this range for your projects too, as plain or printed envelopes.

If you’ve not yet received a free #DestinationForDesign desk calendar, get in touch and we’ll check yours is winging its way to you. Once in situ, we’d love to hear what you think, and if you would like to find out more about our calendar design services leave a message below.

“Another fantastic unexpected gift from the kind guys at Systematic. Thanks guys!”


“Thank you so much for the desk calendars, they are so quirky and unusual, we love them!”


“Looks great and Greta (and me) would be pleased with the plastic free packaging, staple, foil and glue free calendar and reusable stand. Well done Systematic!”

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