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Author: Daniel Cook
31st March 2021

digital brochure design

An insight into the opportunities that come with digital brochure design

Digital brochure design projects regularly feature in our Graphic Design Team’s work in progress. A growing number of our clients are discovering the benefits that come with having an engaging digital brochure in their marketing mix, here’s an overview of the benefits.

internal brand design

Time efficient

We live in a fast-paced world and digital brochures can be designed, amended and published quickly. As we create your digital brochure designs, we can even show you how to digitally share amends against our PDF proofs; for added speed and accuracy! This is not to say that we need to rush the process of digital brochure design. The time saved can be invested in finessing your copy, design and imagery, to maximise the impact your digital brochures have with your target audience.

A low carbon footprint

All business activities have an environmental impact, whether their output is physical or digital. However, by having a digital brochure in your marketing armoury, you give your contacts a choice about how they would like to receive and store your information, which can help to avoid over-production and waste when it comes to printed marketing resources.

More creative freedom

The process of digital brochure design is relatively free from artwork rules and restrictions, allowing for highly creative design decisions.

  • You can experiment with unique brochures sizes and page layouts.
  • Your digital brochures can consist of as many pages as are necessary, your page count doesn’t need to to be in a multiples of four, as it does in printed brochures. 
  • In digital brochure design our Graphic Designers are not constrained with page margins and folds, so it’s possible to be more playful with the flow of text and imagery.
  • The digital design process allows for a much wider use of vibrant RGB colour combinations that will stand out on screen.
digital brochure design RGB

Future digital brochure design revisions or versions

It’s easy to update text and images within a digital brochure, before recirculating it through your online and digital platforms. The time saved could be utilised in another marketing project, or you may need another digital brochure designing for a different part of your business, using a similar style and format.

brochure design

Interactive digital brochures and pdf forms

With the use of clickable links digital brochures can connect to other online marketing platforms, including a website landing page, online form, survey or social media channel. With interactive brochure pdfs, both images and text can be made ‘clickable’ or specific buttons can be designed for a powerful call to action. If you have longer pdf documents or catalogues, bookmarks can be set to easily move to a specific page.


Capitalise on having your audience’s attention with extra features that support the next steps in your buying process. For example, your digital brochures can link to an electronic form that your customers complete on screen, before sending it back to you. You can even set the interactive brochure to full screen mode if you are needing to do a digital presentation to your internal team, clients or prospects.

multi channel marketing

Increasing reach with multichannel marketing

There are lots of tools at your disposal within the marketing mix, and digital brochures are one of them. They are flexible, cost-effective and engaging. Yet we certainly advocate the power of printed brochures too, their physical, tactile nature encourages interaction and means that they will hopefully stay close to your contacts for some time. (The creative use of print finishes can add even further impact). 


We’ll help you develop an approach that’s right for your organisation. This could mean harmonising the creation of brochure artwork for print and digital applications, adapting artwork to play to the strengths of each approach, whilst maximising brand consistency and engagement, both online and offline.  Everything starts with a conversation, why not get in touch?

Ask about our digital brochure design services

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