A guide to Digital design services for your business

Author: Daniel Cook
15th April 2020

What is digital design?


Digital design is a service that refers to visuals that are designed and produced for viewing on a wide range of screen types. Digital design combines graphic design skills with digital technology to create numerous types of digital marketing products. This can range from email campaigns to 2D animations for social media, websites or presentations.


In simple terms any design that has physically been printed is graphic design, and design that appears on screens such as websites or apps is digital design.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of design project differences:


Digital design

Website design / elements

Banner adverts

Email designs

Social media graphics

Digital illustrations and infographics

Animations and motion graphics

Graphic design for print

Brochures / catalogues

Logo design

Business cards

Packaging design

Printed advertising

Vehicle graphics


The advantage for digital design services


The main advantage of digital design over graphic design is that more analytical data can be tracked through performance metrics such as shares, likes, clicks, subscribes etc. It is common in digital advertising to create several design variations to track and compare which design performs better. This is known as A/B testing.


It is also worth considering that people interact with digital design differently to print; such as clicking, downloading, zooming etc. Therefore digital designers may have to consider the usability of products (how people interact with it), especially when designing websites, landing pages or apps. This is known as ‘User Experience design’ or UX Design for short.


Here at Systematic we have seen a rising demand for digital design services in Lincolnshire and around the UK. Our creative design team are specialists in both digital design and graphic design for print services. We think it’s important to stay fresh with all the latest design trends and digital technology advances, so that we can help our clients achieve their business marketing goals.


Below is an infographic of some of the digital design services that we can create for your business or get in touch if you would like any more information about our digital design services in Lincolnshire.

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