Eco friendly fonts

Jacqui Vear

Author: Jacqui Vear
24th September 2020

eco friendly fonts

How to leave a lighter environmental footprint by your choice of fonts!


Eco friendly fonts, yes, they are a ‘thing’ and have been for a while in print projects.


Using less resources is in the best interests of the environment. The weight, size and kerning (the gap between each letter) of a font impacts on ink use, the speed of production and how many words you can fit on a page, obviously impacting on paper use.


Lighter-weight, narrow fonts, with simple ‘no-frills’ styling will have less of a draw on resources and even make the process of recycling easier. Widely available fonts that are lighter on ink include;


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You could even go as far as selecting a specifically designed ‘eco font’. Ryman Eco was designed by the stationery chain we’re all familiar with and it uses 33% less ink than standard fonts. Ecofont Sans is an alternative that have multiple tiny holes within each letter to reduce ink coverage.
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We’re proud to be your brand guardians in every kind of print project and would not want to take you off the path of brand consistency, or even the legibility of your printed resources! Yet when the right project comes along, your font decision could be another way to show your contacts that you’re ethical in your approach and considerate in your decision making.


If you’re inspired to make this change to your in-house printing, just remember that you may need to purchase fonts that you want to use. Beyond your font choice, print in grayscale if documents don’t need to be perfect and think about how you recycle your print consumables.


We love paper for all the ways that it helps you win business and do business. If you want to find out more about the sustainability of print, our friends at Two Sides present the facts in a very compelling and comprehensive way, here’s a link to their site, click here.


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