Lamination has traditionally been the process where a thin layer of plastic film is applied to printed paper or card. It prevents cracking on the spine of books and generally keeps print pristine! You’ll add it to the print specification of key printed communications and perhaps unconsciously come across it on menus, books, bags and other packaging.

We’re pleased to say that the market has shifted, and we can now offer you a plastic-free laminate! In fact, this matt laminate is showcased on our Summer Newsletter.

Cellogreen is the star eco-print laminate. It’s made predominantly from cellulose, which is a type of organic plant material that’s biodegradable. It provides the same aesthetic appearance as traditional lamination but can be recycled in a normal re-pulping system that paper goes through.

This option is great for your brand and great for the environment. We’ll have it in mind for your upcoming print projects and let us know if you’d like a free sample!