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Jacqui Vear

Author: Jacqui Vear
14th September 2020

eco membership cards


As part of The Green Dot, our mission to help you improve the sustainability of your purchasing, lets bring you up to date with eco membership cards. They’re a sustainable take on what has traditionally been a plastic product destined only for landfill after they cease to be needed. Yet these personalised eco friendly membership cards, loyalty cards, key fobs and ID cards serve multiple purposes across many sectors.

Earlier this year the largest membership organisation in the UK, the National Trust, moved its 5 million cards away from plastic, to a strong paper-based alternative.


We can use a heavy weight board for cards that feel as sustainable as their credentials. The specification of cards is as flexible as your requirements.


100% degradable and fully recyclable


These cards can be disposed of through regular household recycling, though if that option is missed, the card will decompose naturally in a biologically active landfill site. 


  • Cards typically have the dimensions 86 x 54mm
  • If your card is intended to last, perhaps beyond an annual membership for examples, artwork can be protected with an eco laminate to ensure it doesn’t fade or rub off
  • Cards are printed and finished in the UK
  • There’s no minimum order quantity and quick turnaround times
  • A wide range of options can be added to your specification, including personalisation, QR codes and barcodes, signature panels, magnetic strips and more.

In addition to supplying cards we’re available to support the full personalisation, fulfilment and mailing of them! We can give you access to economies of scale in your mailing rates, to save you money as well as time! If you’d like more information or perhaps a sample of this eco friendly alternative, simply get in touch.


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