If Lego did exhibition display stands

Author: Jacqui Vear
31st July 2019

They would be just like this market leading Exhibition T3 system!

Our new partnership with Tecna UK gives you access to the world’s most innovative and versatile modular exhibition display stands system:

• Compact and easy to build, no tools required
• Patented ‘twist & lock’ action
• Interchangeable, reconfigurable components
• Designed to carry a wide range of media
• Manufactured in the UK.

People buy from people and with 1.3 million business events in the UK each year, there’s a growing array of opportunities to promote what you do. We want to help you make the most of them, with flexible exhibition resources that support your brand marketing. You add to the T3 system just like you did your box of lego, all those years ago! It has just three core components; lightweight aluminIum beams, connectors and graphics; rigid, rollable, tension fabric or all three!


A T3 system will be your marketing teams’ best friend. It easily fits in a car and will ensure they’re the first away after events! Constructing and dismantling a T3 system involves no tools, the method is a simple; twist, lock, connect. Because the system is so adaptable, you won’t be tripping over multiple large stand cases in the office, or looking to dispose of redundant systems that have become tired or outdated.

Reconfigure, reuse, reimagine

Reconfigure the frame into different forms, apply new graphics, integrate accessories like screens and light boxes. Your T3 system will transform into free standing displays, shell schemes, counters, retail displays, registration desks and more. Buy extra components as you need them. The possibilitIes are endless!

Book a free demo at your desk

Leading businesses are investing in a T3 system. We’d like to show you the difference it can make. We have a mini display that you can get your hands on to see the system in action, let us know when you’d like to play with it! Here’s how you can get in touch.

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