We’re renowned for being calendar converts here at Systematic! Each year we craft a new creative way to help you plan your time and countdown to your holidays! We hope our #FlipNMix desk calendar for 2019 lives up to your high expectations?

In 2018 we gave you inspirational messages within unique designs, for 2019 we invite you to create your own! The 16 messages have three components that can be mixed and matched; share your mood, motivation, or drop a hint to your colleagues that you’d like a cuppa! Or, simply go with the flow, or perhaps that should be the flip; we start the new year with a focus on ‘getting stuff done’ and finish 2019 with the mantra of ‘never stop dreaming’. For our encore we invite you to ‘keep calm and drink gin’ (responsibly)!

The technical lowdown is that the calendar incorporates unique designs from our Creative Studio, led by Graphic Designer Steve. The sheets are printed digitally on 250g Silk Art, before being collated, trimmed, and wiro bound at the head onto a 500g board.

Desk calendars are thriving in a digital age, they give people a chance to move away from their keyboards and interact with something tactile, that is hopefully as visually engaging as it is practical. Desk calendars are also easy and cost effective to post, if you’re unable to deliver them inperson. 

We hope that you have a happy and prosperous 2019! Let us know where your calendar is and how it’s feeling by getting social with the hashtag #FlipNMix. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @systematicprint and on LinkedIn as Systematic Print Management.