The New Year comes with new mailing prices from Royal Mail. But keep calm and carry on sending mail! In our pixelated world it’s a trusted way to deliver a personalised communication and can bring people into the digital dialogue that might follow. We’re a ‘skim and bin’ generation, yet mail is saved and shared, with addressed advertising mail staying in the home for an average of 17 days.*

Whilst price increases are never good news, you’ll always be able to get more value from your mailings. Here are our top tips: 

  1. Put your data centre stage, not only is it a legal requirement, it’s ethically and financially astute too. Mailing success is not a numbers game, quality counts. Great results come from understanding and cleansing your database.

  2. Strongly branded communications with clarity and coherence in your message will command the attention you aspire to. Stand in the shoes of your target audience; what’s in it for them and what’s the call to action.

  3. Invest in quality and creativity to make first impressions count. The tangible nature of mail gives you every opportunity to ensure that design, paper choices, print finishes, envelopes and personalisation have maximum impact.

  4. Find efficient ways to print and despatch your mailings, if your people, printer or franking machine are part of your mailing project, there is likely to be a more cost friendly solution. Tackling the project in a different way will enable to you to save time and money by automation and economies of scale.

  5. Talk to us, we’re here to add value to your communications strategy and maximise your return on mailing investments! Here’s one story of how this worked for Woldmarsh Producers

To view Royal Mail prices, effective from 2nd January 2019, follow this link

 *Source: The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times