Love print but unsure if its sustainable?

Author: Jacqui Vear
24th September 2019

Sustainable print survey

The results of a new sustainable print survey provide an interesting insight into how people feel about print and paper:

  • Data reinforced that consumers worry about the environment, but 60% don’t know that European forests are growing, and only a fifth of respondents give the industry credit for its high recycling rates, which exceed 72%.
  • Print remains the preferred medium for people to read books (69%), magazines (61%) and newspapers (54%).
  • 78% believe they have the right to choose whether they receive communications from service providers in print or digitally.
  • 45% believe they spend too much time on electronic devices!

The survey was commissioned by Two Sides and is the latest snapshot of public perception about the value of print and paper within the marketing mix. 6,000 people from across Europe, including the UK, were surveyed.

What you can take from the survey into your marketing communications:

    1. Avoid inaccurate greenwashing claims at all costs, statements like ‘choose e-billing to save trees’ will only damage your credibility.
    2. Ensure you reflect forestry certification labels in your artwork, like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). They’ll assure your customers that you’ve used paper from sustainably managed forests.
    3. Give your customers choice in how they digest key information, many feel they’re suffering from digital overload!

    Be assured that in working with Systematic, you’re in the safe hands of a business that has an unswerving commitment to the environment!
    Check out Sustainable Purchasing, to see our commitment to you and the environment.


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