Meet the team - Thomas Dyer

Author: Jacqui Vear
1st November 2019

Thomas, or Tom for short is one of our young, keen and eager Account Managers, joining team Systematic after completing his Business and Management Degree at the University of Lincoln. He’s an adoptive yellow-belly as Lincolnshire is where Tom’s making quite a name for himself in politics too!


Tom supports clients across Nottinghamshire, around Birmingham and then further into Wales and the South West. Working with a range of industries, including the education sector, Tom has experience of a wide range of products from Systematics’ repertoire. He’s known for his cheery telephone manner and distinctive car, Maggie!

Specialism at Systematic?

Marketing print, which has a firm foundation in the marketing mix, because it works! Printed communications have a legacy and research indicates that they command trust and authority. Including mail in the marketing mix can boost ROI by 12%. I keep up to date with the technology and best practices that make marketing communications as creative and effective as possible, from new stock choices and print finishes to trends like personalisation in print.

How would your colleagues describe you?

I’m not sure as I know that you shouldn’t ask a question if you don’t want to hear the answer.

What’s in your mug?

At the minute it’s a lemon flavour cold and flu remedy, I’ve obviously not been handling enough anti-bacteria print! Normally its tea, but it must be made in a certain way, I’m sure you’d agree, there’s a cup of tea and then a good cup of tea!

Tell us something we don’t know?

I’m currently saving one of my client’s time and money by automating their regular mailings through software that connects to their office computers. Basically, you send letters from your desktop, they get printed, fulfilled and mailed. Set up is free, templates are created to your brief, there’s no minimum order quantity and it’s fully GDPR compliant.

Do you have a corporate gift favourite that’s helping lots of your clients win business?

If your audience is generally sat at a desk, I think desk toys is great for nervous energy and alleviating stress. They create a positive distraction from screen and can support creative thinking. Items are practical, tactile and have a long lifespan to maximise return on investment. Beyond the traditional squeezable stress toys, which come in a huge range of shapes, we’ve just produced some branded mini rugby balls. There are also branded fidget spinners or my favourite hybrid, the highlighter spinner! It’s proving popular with the education sector, who use them for open days and exhibitions.


  • 3 highlighter tips
  • Print area in the centre 20x20mm
  • Printed in up to 4 spot colours
  • From 100 units
  • Price guide, less than £1 per item on orders of 500 with a 1 colour print

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