Office branding that brings your business to life

Author: Jacqui Vear
17th December 2018

Office graphics branded to your company

With marketing budgets having to stretch across an increasing mix of channels, having office branding inside your own premises may not be at the top of your list! However, times are changing, as businesses recognise the power of the visual stimulation that comes from office branding and office graphics. They have a relatively low cost of achieving high-impact results!


Our design and print services are being applied by an increasing number of our clients to promote their business with office branding at every turn across their site. We’ve worked on branded wall graphics that enhance first impressions for visitors; communicating the company’s history and reinforcing its positioning. We’ve also developed office graphics that serve as directional prompts and create privacy. They can be used for advertising purposes too, not just within offices, but on external doors, walls and glazing.

For your team, office branding can enhance a space that they spenda lot of time in! They can emphasise messages, inspire creative thinking and create cohesion within your team, almost subliminally!


We showcase a range of different office branding in our own premises. The largest letters in our scheme are printed on Foamex, extremely versatile PVC foam sheets that can be printed, cut and drilled.  Colour is printed onto the white substrate, for an exact colour match to our artwork. We mount some Foamex letters off the wall, where the fixings give the letters a shadow that convey depth. To share our vision and some creative inspiration, we use full colour decals, which are cut and applied directly to painted walls.


So, whilst traditionally regarded as a finishing touch, bespoke office graphics do generate an immediate return that will benefit your team and business. If you’d like us to explore the opportunities for your working environment, get in touch for some creative ideas or check out our other brand marketing services!


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