Reusable branded cups for promoting your business

Author: Jacqui Vear
25th April 2019

ECOffee reusable promotional mugs

Our conscience has shifted, we no longer accept that 300 billion single-use coffee cups need to be produced globally each year. The market has responded with an array of reusable options, but they are not all equal! We can help you to take your selection of reusable branded cups to the next level, thinking about how it is made and what might happen to it at the end of what is hopefully a long life.


If your customers are concerned about what’s in their ‘eco’ promotional branded mugs, let us reaffirm our love of the new ‘Ecoffee’ reusable branded cups, ensuring you avoid all forms of plastic.

Bamboo sourced mugs

The reusable promotional mugs known as the Ecoffee cup is made with bamboo sourced from Anji County in Zhejiang province, China, one of the world’s oldest, sustainably-managed forests. The bamboo, native to the region, undergoes no chemical treatment, the only thing its exposed to is sunshine! The bamboo industry in Anji sustains 10,000 farming families and represents a new, clean and sustainable, face of manufacturing in China.


As the reusable branded Cup is 85% biodegradable the cup can be returned to the earth at the end of its life. It is BPA, BPS and phthalate free so won’t harm you or the environment. The lids and sleeves are pure, food-grade, recyclable silicone.


As for the life of an Ecoffee Cup before it biodegrades, it should be a fulfilling one! You’ll enjoy drinking from the cup as its naturally sterile, with no plastic after-taste. They are light, bright and easy to look after.


Can we share a proposal about how our reusable promotional mugs could carry your company’s branding and engage your team and clients?


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