Seasonal gifting made simple

Author: Jacqui Vear
20th September 2019

Don’t have a meltdown over your Christmas corporate gifting strategy

From ice-cream to the winter freeze, the shift in brand marketing to-do lists comes all too quickly! Here are our tips for making your seasonal gifting successful.

• Small gestures of goodwill support healthy relationships; improving the productivity of your team and the retention of your clients. It typically costs between four and ten times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one.
• Research indicates that corporate gifts can make 79% of your contacts more likely to do business with your brand.
• Branded corporate gifts are the order of the day. The cost per impression is much lower than other forms of advertising.

• Remember the 80/20 rule, 20% of your customers perhaps account for 80% of your business, identify who they are for a targeted strategy.
• Set a budget and stick to it. It’s not the case of ‘the bigger the better’, thoughtful and relevant gifts are the order of the day. Go too grand with your business clients and you may fall foul of anti-bribery and corruption policies that prevent the acceptance of your gift.
• Don’t blow the budget on Christmas, the impact of your corporate gifts can be greater when your contacts are least expecting them. Consider New Year gifts to combat the back-to-work blues.
• Measure your ROI, not necessarily in pounds and pence, but certainly the number of interactions your campaign generates.

• The most successful branded gifts will be practical, relevant and generate a smile.
• Remember the classics! Pens, mugs and notebooks are everyday items and there are some eye-catching options available.
• Consider calendars, a creative choice could secure the place of your brand on a desk or wall for 365 days! Statistics say, your contact will look at their calendar an average of 12 times a day!
• Think about sustainability, it shows your business cares. Beyond usability, there are product and material choices that are better for the planet.
• Don’t forget about the finishing touches, branded wrapping paper or gift tags and some form of personal message. Hand deliver your gifts where possible.

Our friendly team are here to help. Tell us your brief and we’ll spruce up your key business relationships with ideas, samples and projects delivered on brand, on time and on budget.

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