Supporting your Brexit contingency plans

Author: Jacqui Vear
22nd August 2019

Deal or no deal, and with what implications? Those are the big questions when it comes to Brexit. Whilst we can’t immediately influence what happens next, we continue to act on advice from The Department for Exiting the European Union.

What are the issues?

We’ve been considering the potential impacts for you and the printed items that you rely on to win business and do business. Most of the paper used by the UK print industry, approximately 80%, comes from European mills and merchants. However, we have been able to confirm that this network has appropriate contingency plans. We continue to follow advice from our trade association, the Independent Print Industries Association. Beyond the availability of paper, currency fluctuations may impact on its price after the UK leaves the EU on 31st October.

Actions your business can take now

Our recommendation is that you consider the supply of all your printed items and boost stock levels of those that are business critical. As part of our print management service, we can hold stock on your behalf.  Don’t be deterred from this approach if its space that’s at a premium. Alternatively, we can place orders with extended delivery dates, so you have your place in the queue if pressure on raw materials does materialise. Our own delivery vans deliver the majority of stock items that we hold for clients. We have made arrangements for a preferential supply of fuel, should there prove to be supply issues, which has featured in an assessment of the worst-case scenario by the Government.


For printed items that aren’t as critical, we’d advise you to build extra time into your project plans, to prepare for potential delays. This might be up to two weeks for short-run projects, or an extra month for longer-run and specialist orders. Even if the delivery date remains the same as what you would normally work to, this approach gives us longer to secure the paper and resources needed to complete your project.


We will continue our work, monitoring developments and sharing any new recommendations. If you would like to chat to our team on this theme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whilst the next few weeks and months may be an uncertain time for UK businesses, we retain a positive outlook as to how markets will respond to the certainty of the pending decision!


Here’s a link to the recommendations The Department for Exiting the European Union are sharing with businesses, from the website

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