Corporate gifts help build brands; creating awareness, loyalty and a general ‘feel good factor’. Matching your approach to the latest trends can give your campaign a step up, so fresh from Merchandise World, a major event in the promotional products industry, here are the trends to watch when it comes to promotional products in 2019!

Two headline themes lead the way, eco and tech! Products of this nature subliminally communicate the ethos of your business, that you’re a responsible, caring organisation connected with the community you work in, or that you’re innovative and tech savvy, particularly important as millennial influencers move into the workplace.



Avoiding single-use plastic is a must and drinkware is a great tact for helping your contacts make more sustainable choices. When it comes to re-usable cups, performance, quality and design are key. Highlights include the Ecoffee Cup, which is made of organic bamboo fibre and the range of ultra-portable collapsible cups.

Products made of bio-degradable seed-infused paper communicate a memorable and sustainable message. We’ve featured seed sticks in our blog before, the range now extends to pretty much any paper-based product, including badges, coasters, gift tags and flyers.



Popular tech choices continue to be charging cables and power banks, memory sticks and phone accessories. As digital and mobile devices are so integral to our everyday lives, the right practical and creative choices provide sustained brand reach.

At the cutting edge of tech, a product called Tivo won ‘tech product of the year’ at the Show. It’s a Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and a whole lot more, all controlled through a mobile app. With programmable LEDs, it can even share pixel art or custom lighting displays. The product is available as a plain, retail item across the internet. However, it’s a good example of where, through economies of scale, you can buy items personalised to your brand, for less than the retail price. Another attention-grabbing item, in a final stage of development, is a phone case with a pop-out drone! The drone is controlled by the phone and can fly up to 50 metres high, with images automatically downloaded onto the phone!


Other ideas

Back to the everyday, items for the office remain highly effective, but they need to be functional; minimisation is a trend, with lots of us looking to declutter! Bound notebooks can be a desirable meeting accessory. With ever-increasing design options; the colour of elastic bands and ribbon markers, paper type and print finishes for the cover, notebooks can fully reflect the visual identity of your brand.

Being ‘on trend’ with your campaigns, can also be about connecting them to events your audience are engaged with. Big events in 2019 include the Rugby World Cup, hosted by Japan from September and The Cricket World Cup, hosted by England and Wales from the end of May. On that theme, we’re connected with a great supplier of promotional balls, available in all shapes and sizes. Several of our clients order these products again and again, because they know they work!


Golden rules

You should know them by now…

  1. Relate the item to your messaging
  2. Keep branding simple for subtle reinforcement
  3. Focus on quality and usability as this will contribute to the longevity of the item.


Here to help

The value of the UK’s promotional merchandise market exceeds £1 billion each year, an investment that can generate a huge return on investment if product choices and personalisation approaches are right. That’s where our expertise comes in! If you want to start browsing some of the best-sellers in our extensive range, you can get a head-start by visiting and get in touch with our team, who are here to develop ideas that are on brand, on time and on budget!