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Chris Robey

Author: Chris Robey
8th June 2020


We’re are pleased to announce that we are giving all existing clients a free upgrade from Xerox Business to Xerox Premier office paper. This is a totally versatile, optimum and comprehensive paper range, and carries the globally trusted PEFC certification. (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)


xerox-premier-paper         pefc-logo


The Xerox Premier paper range will run alongside our Woodland Trust Paper, which carries an equally prestigious certification, FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council).

fsc logo woodland trust paper

As with FSC, the PEFC label provides independent verifiable assurance that the paper originates from sustainably managed forests. The paper is tracked all the way back to the forest through a chain of custody. These forests are independently certified that they are managed in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements. A forest that will be around for generations to come!


As the PEFC website highlights, “Forests play a critical role for the global environment, population and economy. Besides alleviating the effects of climate change and natural disasters, they represent some of the richest biological areas on Earth. They also provide food, renewable raw materials, and livelihoods for millions of people.


Sustainable forest management can contribute towards strengthening the resilience of forests, avoiding forest degradation, a common pre-condition of forests which are then lost to alternative land use”.


You can help protect the world’s forests by choosing PEFC products, whether that is at work or at home, especially if the alternative is plastic.


So how does choosing forest-based materials (trees) protect them?


Basically, we need to use our forests. If we don’t, the land will be used for other purposes, such as palm or soy plantations or cattle ranches. So, buying paper and wood from well-managed forests gives the forest value, creating a demand and a financial incentive for the owners to keep it as a forest.


The best way to keep our forests is to use them, as long as we use them sustainably. PEFC forests are managed to ensure they will be there for generations to come, any trees that are harvested are replanted. So buying PEFC paper helps protect our forests and supports the forest owners that are managing their forests sustainably!

recycled paper helps plant forests

 A few more facts

  • You can use the label to find out more about the company that made the paper. If you look under the PEFC logo, you will see some numbers – put these into the PEFC database and hey presto!
  • You can find the PEFC label on a huge range of products, from toilet paper to wooden shelves, from a garden shed to a notebook
  • 62% of all certified forests worldwide are PEFC certified
  • Over 750,000 forest owners are covered from 70 countries
  • PEFC is recognised round the world, and 80% of brands want to use paper that is accredited.


Through our ISO 14001 environmental management system, Systematic assess all the paper that is purchased for clients, in 2019, 99.1% of paper purchased was either PEFC or FSC certified. One of our six core values continues to be ethical trading, and with our knowledge we can support this aspiration in your business too!

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