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Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) is a charitable organisation and the landlord to over 12,000 households on the east coast of the county.


Recognising the impact that video content has, as the reported ‘king of content’, the LHP team has tasked Systematic’s creatives to develop a series of explainer animations, to transform complex narrative into engaging graphics and words.


The initial animation projects supported internal communications for LHP, visualising strategies for the organisation in a way that was on-brand, engaging and accessible for its diverse team. For our client’s peace of mind, we quoted a price range for each project, linked to the length of the animation. We then set to work, turning the script into a visual storyboard. We applied styling and timings to key stages of each animation, checking-in with LHP to ensure our representation of the briefs was on-track.

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In production we work with Adobe After Effects and Illustrator, turning each frame of the storyboard into engaging motion graphics that hold the attention of the viewer. The voice overs that LHP supplied was overlaid onto the animated footage and timings were finetuned to maximise cohesion and flow.

“The animation work exceeded our expectations, I was amazed as soon as I saw it, just brilliant, and there were only minor text changes! Systematic are one of my ‘go to’ suppliers for animations.”

Sophie Gibbs, Head of Communications


We’re reluctant to share how quickly we’ve completed projects for LHP! Let’s just say, we look to accommodate deadlines, pulling out all of the stops to make it happen! 

If you’ve got something that’s hard to communicate in a clear and succinct way, let us help you explore how animations can support your project. They are a versatile and extremely shareable medium, perfect for reaching a range of audiences.

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