Mail merging business critical letters posted in under 2 hours


Mail merging & mail management


The fast and easy process that is Systematic Mail Management allowed a key client to ensure an important staff update letter from their CEO was printed, fulfilled and released to Royal Mail for posting using mail merging within a matter of hours!


From initial discussions, we received the letter in a Word document, accompanied by an Excel database and mail merged both together ready for printing and posting. This was mailed out to each recipient, first class to landed on door mats the next day. In a time where efficiency is critical and information updated so frequently, speed of mail delivery was key, and time was of the essence.


This quick and easy mail merge process helped save the client both time and money as it combines the print, fulfilment and postage of the letter for little more than the cost of the first class stamp! There is no need for you to print, buy the envelopes, hand fulfil (saving you precious time) and no need to frank or post yourself – mail merge is all done for you on the same day.


For a team, that are very busy and currently adapting to a different way of working, mail merging their letters ensured normal service continued whilst identifying a new mailing opportunity for them to save time and concentrate on other key priorities within their business!

“In these difficult times it was great to know I could rely on Systematic mail merge to help us get an important letter from our CEO out to colleagues around the company. I supplied the letter and spreadsheet of names and they did everything else. Print, pack and post 2,400 letters all in the same day! I will definitely be using this excellent service again.”

Colin Thompson-Broadley, Associated British Ports

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