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Your brand and logo is your most valuable intellectual property. It’s the personality of your business and has a look, tone of voice and way of behaving. It’s important stuff, especially as you need to stand out from the crowd! You can trust our Creative Team in Lincolnshire to give your logo brand design and corporate identity attention it deserves.

Our stages of logo brand design

Creative brief huddle

Creating or developing brands is an involved process, that begins with listening to your business needs to really understand what results you want to achieve by developing your brand. We need the logo designs to reflect your vision and values. We’ll get our heads together, facilitating discussions with your team then our creatives will think of initial ideas through a creative huddle; getting to the heart of your niche, so first impressions of your brand design are both strategic and compelling!

Brand research

To develop unique results that put you ahead of the competition, we need a benchmark on the marketplace you work in. Our creative graphic design team will refer to the brief and research your target market, competitors, USP’s and what future direction the business is looking to develop in. Our designers will bring a fresh pair of eyes to looking at your brand and industry to ensure you find your distinct and memorable place within it.

Logo design creation

Your logo branding design is the cornerstone of your brand identity. Our graphic designers will create and develop a range of bespoke logo ideas that involve creative thinking and thorough research. Logo concepts will be tested in different sizes, colours and styles. When your brand identity is finalised, you’ll have your logo design in all print and digital formats you need, so that you’re ready for all the opportunities that come your way!


Brand consistency

After your logo design is in place our creative design team will work as your brand guardians. We’re here to help you apply your brand identity to the full range of digital marketing and printed resources; consistency is king! It goes beyond a logo design, we’ll help you think about the details, from paper stocks to social media design and everything in-between!

Brand management across a wide range of print and digital outputs

Let's help you with your logo brand design project

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