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Your short cut to sustainable corporate gifts

Branded promotional products, corporate gifts and giveaways, whatever label you give them, they provide a valuable touchpoint, helping you to have the right conversations with the right people. The surprisingly low cost per impression has seen them labelled the hero of the marketing mix! Yet there are a lot of products that can be personalised to your brand and message, so our experience will be your biggest asset when it comes to maximising your return on investment.

We’ll ensure you take a bespoke, impactful and sustainable approach to each brief and budget, without the need to invest your valuable time in assessing hundreds, if not thousands, of different options.

Our team love sustainable corporate gifts, we go to the trade shows, keep up to date with leading manufacturers and new products so that we can make our knowledge and experience freely available to you!

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The holy grail of corporate gifting is usability


The holy grail of corporate gifting is usability. Practical, quality items that are tailored to your target audience and designed to last will maximise the number of times that recipients interact with them. This applies whether you’re rewarding loyal customers, starting conversations with new contacts, or boosting the morale of your team.

They might be handed out at events, shared when a contact makes a purchase or joins a meeting on your site, sent through the post or used to welcome new team members. No matter which way your audience receives something unexpected, thoughtful, and free, the positive psychological response is an opportunity for your organisation.

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We’re proud to specialise in sustainable corporate gifts


Sustainability is a value that’s changing customer behaviour and its imbedded in our approach to corporate gifts. The world has moved on from disposable, single-use items that clutter our lives and drain marketing budgets. Everyone gains from an investment in valued, practical items that help your contacts to live more sustainably, in terms of what the corporate gift does, what it is made from, or how it can be disposed of at the end of its long life. Those are the products that we like to shortlist for you and our Design Team will work creatively to apply your brand and message to them.

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Expertise to increase your return on investment from promotional products

We are here for ideas, proposals, visuals, samples and full-on project management support of your sustainable corporate gift projects. But you have been warned, our input will start with a barrage of questions about your project, as they say, ‘begin with the end in mind’, so get thinking about the who, why, when and how, and our team will start working on what sustainable corporate gifts will best support your brand marketing strategy.

Ready to start with some sustainable corporate gift ideas?

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