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In addition to being made from the renewable resource that is trees, paper is one of the most recycled products in the world. The informed print buyer will know that it’s not the case that you need to go paperless to save trees! Digital communications have an environmental impact too, the environmental trade-off depends on a range of factors including use frequency, source of energy and end of life product management, to name just a few!


Every element of doing business has some form of environmental impact and we’re here to help you minimise that. In progressing your print project we can;

•  Using responsibly sourced paper

•  Look at the potential for using vegetable-based inks

•  Incorporate an environmental imprint within your design, to encourage others to follow your example

•  Print the right product to the right quantity, to minimise waste and maximise your return on investment

•  Streamline your mailings by improving the accuracy of your data

•  Enable you to offset the carbon footprint created by your projects.


Responsible business practice is part of our heritage and culture;

•  95%+ FSC paper for our client and business purchases

•  Proactive management and measurement of our carbon footprint

•  100% of our electricity is from renewable sources

•  100% of our packaging is recycled

•  Zero waste goes to landfill

•  Our environmental management system is accredited to ISO 14001:2015.


To request a copy of our Environmental Policy, please get in touch.

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P.S. Take note of the Two Sides Initiative,


This not-for-profit organisation creates a forum for sharing knowledge, best-practice and resources linked to the sustainability of paper and print. With many user-friendly downloadable tools, you can ensure your contacts have qualified information on why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.


For more opportunities, information and inspiration about sustainable business practices beyond your print projects, we’d recommend you connect to

Product Focus

Woodland Trust Office Paper -
the paper that plants trees


A growing number of clients share our enthusiasm for this plain A4 paper which we can supply for your in-house printing.

•  Helping create new native woodland in the UK by supporting the Woodland Trust

•  ‘High white’, 75gsm, totally chlorine free office paper

•  CO2 emissions captured by planting trees

•  Produced to the most demanding environmental standards


We’ll let the paper do the talking, to trial this product or for more information, please get in touch.

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