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Helping your working environment

Following the government’s announcement of the UK’s recovery strategy and with a lot of employees starting to return to work, you will probably be starting to wonder how you can achieve a safe working environment and protect your staff.


Systematic can help you get your business back to doing what it does best. You may need new signage, branded PPE & workwear, branded items for employee’s personal use as well as new ways to engage and attract customers.

Do you need help to implement…?

For 45 years clients have trusted us with their design, print and marketing requirements to help run their businesses smoothly.  Now, more than ever, is the time to work together to get to the other side of the current challenge we all face.

Social distancing measures. We can design and supply screens, floor stickers and posters.

A reduction in staff sharing items in the workplace. How about branded pens, water bottles and thermal cups.

A ‘safety-first’ environment. You could provide your team with face-masks, hand-sanitiser, gloves and face-shields.

Cost effective ways to communicate with your stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers). We can recommend a range of options to suit your unique circumstances.

More rigorous hygiene systems. How about “just sanitised” stickers and branded hand soap dispensers/gels as well as stylus pens to avoid touching screens. You could even use these as a freebie to clients or prospects.


… And all the while we will make sustainable suggestions, through our “Green Dot” eco purchasing route, which won’t cost the earth!


With so much to consider, it might seem daunting. Fortunately, for the team at Systematic it’s a challenge we’re ready to embrace. Supplying our clients with the design, print and marketing that they need to effectively run their business is what we have been doing for 45 years.


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