Pressure seal mailers are the secure way to post information

Chris Robey
Author: Chris Robey
19th January 2021
pressure seal mailers

Business stationery that supports the safety of posted information...

You’ll probably recognise pressure seal mailers, a type of printed business stationery, from your contact with payroll teams; pressure seal payslips and P60s are very popular. You receive this clever printed item, tear off the perforated edges on three sides, as indicated, then unfold and read your personal message. The approach is used for a wide variety of financial, medical or membership correspondence.


Pressure seal mailers start life as dry-sealed laser sheets that we print using standard industrial print processes and production equipment. After sheets have been personalised for their recipients, they are fed through a sealing machine. The pressure creates a highly effective seal, resulting in a tamper-evident mailer that can be posted with no need for folding or inserting into envelopes. This eliminates any errors that could be associated with hand fulfilment, whilst also being efficient with paper and resources, as the form becomes the mailer after folding.


To maximise the sustainability of your pressure seal mailers, we will always use FSC® accredited paper. This links to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), meaning that the raw material of wood fibre is sourced from sustainable forests; where land is responsibly managed, natural habitats of plants and animals are conserved, and the rights of forestry workers and local communities are respected. Recycled paper is a further option too.

How Systematic can support your pressure seal mailings:


1) Designing artwork for your pressure seal stationery 

Our Graphic Designers can blend your brief and brand with their experience in creating business stationery for leading businesses across the UK. Once we’ve confirmed the design brief our quotes are fixed, with no hidden extras, so you know where you stand. You then get the proofs and amends you need until you’re completely happy with your artwork.


2) Printing your pressure seal stationery
Sheets can be printed to your colour preference, from single colour to full colour printing. There are different options with how each sheet folds too, which we can decide around your brief. From sending you no obligation quotes to overseeing the production and delivery of your stationery, our Project Managers are here to make you more productive and less busy! Printed items can be delivered in bulk, or we can hold stock for you and despatch new supplies when and where you need them, for a continuous supply of the forms that you rely on to do business.


3) Personalising and mailing your pressure seal correspondence
If you are not overprinting and sealing your stationery inhouse, or even if you are, talk to us about efficiencies you can access by outsourcing this work to our team. It can be a design to doormat solution that’s fast, secure and a lean improvement to your business processes. We have established, GDPR compliant processes for receiving your information, overprinting your business stationery and preparing it for daily despatch. This way, you benefit from the economies of scale that we access in our mailing rates too. In our clients’ own words, our printing and mailing of their pressure seal payslips has brought a new level of automation to their work and saves them hours of time each month.

No pressure...

Let’s have a chat about how pressure seal mailers can help you do business! Simply share a few contact details and we’d be delighted to get in touch.


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